15 November 2016

LOVE IS......

yesterday....was not a very good day for me.
things came up again & it spoiled everything. tried to be calm, be as normal as possible.
I knew that he could feel it.

early this morning, I woke up slowly as usual....do all my things first then walked to my girl's room to wake her up for school.

then I heard him calling me....calmly walked to my room, saw him sitting on the bed with a worried expression...as if he lost me.

"I had a dream.....I couldn't remember what it was all about but I know I just had a dream"...he said.

then we hugged each other..."I'm here...I will always be here with you".....whispered to his ears..

......I realised how we were meant to be together insyaAllah. In building a relationship, we do make mistakes, here & there, now & then. he was amazing in forgiving and moving on with new phase, not like me. I can forgive but not that easy to forget. that is my weakness (or strength) so a little doubts can be a big issue to me.

.....At all time, at each breath, I pray to Allah to give us His love and shower our life with happiness...may our relationship last forever....just us.....forever in harmony and redha Allah.

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