08 December 2010


What is child abuse?
lately we can see this logo quite often on TV.
it is a reminder for us to appreciate our young ones,our future generations.
it shouldn't only appear during the campaign season but should be
in our mind all the time....the whole life.
everybody has their right to enjoy life.children is not excluded.
do you prefer to see this face?
or this one?

they need to be loved
help when they are sick
feed when they are hungry.
educate them.

they are our future.
(google picture)

they are just human like us.
they can also feel the pain.why should we hurt them??

Child abuse can come in all sort of forms.it can either be physical,mental or sexual abuse.it can also be a mixture of all in one small human body.
(google picture)
being a child,what can the victim do?they can just cry and keep things to themselves.beeing passive with low self esteem.it is not surprising to see the victim grow up being a new child abuser.then the cycle will continue.

to me any type of abuse is unacceptable.
if we happen to see a case of it,don't be afraid to give a hand of help for the child.
together we protect these beautiful faces.

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