22 June 2010


I love taking pictures.
My children love playing with water.....
in bathroom,swimming pool or waterfall...
they just love it.

Trying to capture nice pictures in water or even near water
is not easy with my current digital camera.
I always got frustrated looking at the result of my job
especially when it was taken at places we rarely go.

to get this shot I had to snap so many times..
it always ended this way...only got the splash.
wouldn't it be better if I could capture my friend's son underwater?
it is definitely impossible with my camera
my children & their friends jumped beautifully into the pool..
but I just got this.
I wish I could capture my girl's attempt to float from underwater.

To make it worse,my camera also gave blur pictures even 
with slight hand movement.
this is my family & friends big event..
but the picture spoiled because it was raining that time.
in a rush to protect my camera from getting wet,
this is what I got..so sad...huh..

How I wish to have a superb camera like SONY TX5....
'World's Slimmest Water-proof Camera'.
All my difficulties will definitely disappear with this cute camera.

Beauty in appearance....marvellous in function.
What criteria do you want?Just name it.
SONY TX5 has it all.
Water-proof,shock-proof,temperature-proof and dust-proof.
Not just that.
It also has other functions like iSweep Panorama,
Handheld Twillight
and anti-motion blur.

With that small & slim body,it is very worth having it.
Can you swim to me my dear SONY TX5????
Sure you can...

More details about this cute awesome camera here.


Wan Anie said...

good luck..!

ieda said...

wan...thanx..doakan yer.

A.I said...

good luck akak!

ieda said...

thanx AI..
akak mmg rajin...hahaha..

joegrimjow said...


ku pon ada buat jugak
jom tengok kat sini : 5 sebab cool tx5