03 May 2010

SMBC Charity Ride

kenapa saya follow charity ride baling betong?
kalau setakat ride biasa mcm ke krabi most probably saya tak ikut..tp saya ikut program kali ni sb ada charity component inside it...i just enjoy doing it..although not directly but just beeing inside the group who help others really make me feel happy..i didnt give much.just be there.
look at this faces..

i'm glad that me & hbby belongs to the givers side.

this is the ownner of the house (front right).he stayed there just with his old age,sick mum.

and look at this boy...so amazed with the huge camera carried by one of the crew..
(mine is nothing okay..tiny one only..but has huge sentimental value..hihihi..)

and these people?
...happy sokmo...
..i like..

congratulations to my dear hbby & his team members for making this event happened..
they really worked hard for it..
good job guys..

"...i think my CFCS programme in medical school really work for me..."


A.I said...


semoga dimurahkan lagi rezeki :)

ieda said...

thanx AI..
best tau jalan2 mcm ni..takmo join ke?

A.I said...

tingin gak...tp jaoh ;)