02 March 2011


salam sejahtera...
tentang cerita ini

di TGV 1st Avenue Penang pada hari Sabtu baru2 ni.
very comfortable place
tak dengar pun suara budak kecik tu...he must be enjoying the show too

cerita yg penuh aksi.
dialog tak banyak...hanya bercakap yg penting2 saja...
you missed the dialogue....you lost the story line...pastu terpinga2...eh!!! apasal dia macam ni???....saya lah yg jadi mcm tu sb sibuk nak ambik gambaq dlm gelap.

the hero (Milton)

it is a story about love,determination,obedient,anger.
a little bit on religious but not for us as Muslim to look into it..
take it as "cerita rekaan semata-mata".
I think we should watch it in 3D..it would be a lot more entertaining.
the bad guy (Jonah)
the car

it is about a father,Milton looking for his grand daughter.this baby was taken away by a man named Jonah (this name reminds me on something) for a religious reason.working together with a pretty girl named Piper (owner of a car 'DRV AGRY') they faced lots of obstacles to get to their objectives.accompanied by a mysterious man known as "accountant" making the story more interesting...lots of cold blooded killing and explosions...suitable for people who loves action movies.
the actions
"ada lebih lagi seterusnya"

what happened to the baby?
who is the accountant?
how can Milton survive all those attacks?

get your ticket & enjoy the show now.

I simply love the blast initiated by PIPER at the end of the movie....it was cool....


DrSinga said...

mana boleh ambik gambar dalam wayang!!


dah berbulan lamanya x tengok wayang....jeles ar ..

ieda said...

depa tak saman kot..hehehe

baik pi tgk la..nanti ada dua org tu takdak peluang dah.