15 April 2010


pernah tak terfikir untuk berhenti kerja?
i did have that kind of thought..not once but many times.why?simply because i'm tired of doing the same thing everyday.
but why i'm still here?
whenever i go on leave i realised that i actually missed my job..my duty as a doctor.missed talking to patients..listening to their problems...trying to help either with medications or just advise..
the satisfaction is there..
that's why i'm still working..we dont make much money here but the feeling of joy in this field is different.
when i attended the road show for PRU 2 days ago,one of the leader said that we have to focus if we want to succeed in insurance..
to the extend of quit our job & do insurance full time...
can i do that?...
my lacturer once said.."medicine is a field where it is hard for you to get in..hard to stay in..and hard to get out"...i can see it now.
i might reduce my working hours in the clinic but to stop..no.its not easy to do 2 @ 3 things at one time plus beeing a wife..mum..daughter..etc but i'll do my best to manage my life.my aim is just to make my loved ones happy and 
to help others in needs..
moga Allah memberikan saya kesihatan yang baik untuk memberi yang terbaik kepada org lain.
i'm not the best but i'll do my best.

what about you out there???


Noina said...

hehe..penah kak..ina penah terpikir..sebab semua untuk Nabila..Bosan pun ada gak..tensen ngan keje
tapi kak..duit tak berkoyan2..nak tak nak kena keje gak..huhu..klu tak nak makan apa..huwaaa!

ieda said...

tapi dok umah jer bosan gak ina.

Anonymous said...

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