06 April 2010


Just celebrating my 3rd anniversary yesterday and today I got this e mail from nuffnang...'date night screening for nuffnangers'.
great timing huh..
what is my most memorable date?
we didn't date a lot actually because we took only 4 months after our first date to get married.

Among a few I will always remember this...
It was the first time we went out together (before that we just met at my office).It was lunch time.He took his two kids along (boy & girl aged 9 & 8 years plus that time.Their mum died 4 years before).We just went to KFC because the kids wanted to go there.Nothing much happened during eating.
We talked about our past and current life.

After eating he asked me to help him buying fabrics to make curtain for his new house.On the way to the store we passed by a shop selling products for wedding.I was walking with the girl holding on my hand.Suddenly she stopped,looking at the wedding dress and said "umie,nanti umie kahwin dengan abah umie pakai baju macam ni...cantik".I was like...ooppss...To her, going out with her father meaning we are going to get married.And his father....hmmm..smiling all the way for sure.
Everytime we went out,the kids will talk about our marriage.They were not happy when I said I already had someone else and me and their father will just be friend..

Now we are happy together..I'am glad having my husband in my life..he is so nice,caring,understanding and so tolerant with me..
..and the kids...I hope they are happy too.
Reading the synopsis I think this is a movie that I'm looking forward to watch.
My husband will definitely love it too.


ME said...

Happy anniversary ieda ..
my tag .. yang penting happy ...

Khairi said...

good luck!